So I was out one day, when out of nowhere, some sky sawed the ancient lake apart sky blue
you said "just a little bit for inspiration"
what you want is what you never had according to some dipshit
yeah I rake you you rake me too

once you see it it's not so pretty
a story about when I saw a thin bit older woman shooting heroin into her foot in the red light district in Frankfurt
don't let the light in and plaster the cracks
9am and out the window everybody was dressed up like its halloween

(can i get you anything? a bottle of white wine, please. say, didn't you used to have tablecloths here? without, the table looks a bit naked. but no, no, naked's good.)

a story about when I got my cell phone back together from three pieces nice after having broken it on some big Algerian's head
and the French guy from right before said "look what you did to my face" with blood running down both sides
tonight i saw a shooting star and got slightly alarmed, then calmed down again quick
a car full in a corner of a parking lot who I was somewhat with, anyway, while standing around outside it waiting, and I didn't realize all's they were doing was doing drugs quick.
too bad, I had euros, too.

your blonde dreadlocks have an effect on me. dancing in the friseur. and odonien, where they have dinosaurs, or as you said, dinos,
welded out of metal.
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