ive looked over the internet and i have yet to find the problem. Basically i had to solder my input jack on my crappy squier back on to the volume pot or whatever. And also i had to put that wire that goes underneath the bridge back too. Anytime i try to play it through my amp, there is a extremely loud noise when ever i touch the strings, but the notes do come out too. Idk why but when ever i touch the strings while touching the input jack or the cable the buzzing noise goes away and it sounds perfectly fine. Need help its really annoying!!!!
your guitar isnt grounded properly

did you solder a ground wire(connected to the back of the bridge) to the output jack too?
So is the black wire soldered to the ring lead on the jack and the white wire soldered to the tip lead? Do you have the black wire off the jack also soldered to the bodies of the pots?

Plug in a guitar cable into the jack and check for conductance between the ring and the tip on the plug on the other end. It shouldn't conduct.

Then check for conductance between the ring and a guitar string or the bridge--it should conduct with no resistance (be sure to have the volume set to 10 on the guitar).

Finally, check for conductance between the tip and a guitar string--should not conduct at all.