hey guys

over the years ive really started to build up recording equipment. i've finally started to put little tidbits of things together... I'v been in the hospital multiple times this year, plus school, plus sports and girlfriends its been really hard to get the time to do anything. well schools winding down and i'v started to put together a channel:


For now, everything is just clips of me playing pretty simple stuff. im hoping to incorporate full covers, classical acoustic videos, metal originals, and I also just started getting into House. So expect some house/trance and even maybe some dubstep to be thrown in there too (I might make another channel) Why clips? Im just learning how to use Midi controllers, Mic my amp, Logic Pro, and all that jazz.

But let me know what you think please. and Subscribe. Everyone says that but please, I don't suck. My videos don't show any sort of skill but if you subscribe you'l get a bunch of really good vids with my playing.

- CoB vid's mixing is a little off, the guitar doesn't sound great, I know.
- My lead in the As I lay dying song is not only sloppy, but you can barely hear it.
- for this ^, the video quality sucks I know. macbook looks great during the day, but the bad lighting in the room plus dusk didnt work too well.
- Atleast notice that( in chronological order) the video and audio quality gets better!

Thanks guys, follow me on twitter too: travisfodor

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