One of Vancouver's finest bands. A shame they do not get discussed all that much anymore, as they were a great band, who were influential in the Vancouver punk scene and also influential in helping to shape the Seattle scene in the mid-80's-early 90's. Members of Green River, Mudhoney and others have all went on record to say how much they owe to Slow.

Not sure if there are any fans here, but thought it is time to get give them the respect they deserve.

"Against the Glass" is a much find album, one of the best. Search google and you will find a link to download it, but in the meantime here is the album in 2 part youtube video form.

Side 1:

Side 2:

and the incredible "I Broke the Circle" single:

anyways, hope somebody has heard of them here, and the ones who have not, hopefully this will get them a few more fans.