Is it possible to add separate Volume/Tone controls to my guitar if they didn't come with model from the factory?

At the moment, it only has a single control for volume and tone, with 2 Single-Coil pickups, and 1 Humbucker. I wanted to produce some Morello-esque effects, and have those separate controls adds more of what I want in a guitar.

I'm not worried about depreciating the guitars' value, but if adding the custom controls would cost more than just buying a new guitar with the controls at a later date, that would be a better plan.

Other then that, the guitar is a Washburn Strat, tremolo-ready, but when I bought it it was not equipped with a tremolo bar.

it depends on what you want to do control wise. you could theoretically have a a vol/tone for every pickup.

I think your best bet for some morello style stuff without drilling any holes in your guitar would be to use a concentric pot for master vol tone and then adding a kill switch or a toggle switch in the free space.

if you aren't afraid to drill holes you could do anything you wanted.
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