I know I have made a lot of threads about various amps, but this is definitely going to be my last thread about which amp I should get. I've narrowed down my selection quite a bit, and currently I'm looking at these two amps:

Egnater Rebel 20
Carvin V3m

I can get both for around the same price (local pawn shop has v3m going cheeaap). I play thrash, as well as modern rock and classic rock. The v3m seems to have a lot more versatility, but the rebel 30 seems to be able to nail that modern metal tone more. Which would you recommend?

If you have any other recommendations in this price range.. say them! I need an amp that can play with a drummer, or play in a bedroom (variable wattage). The Ht-5 was on the list but I have looked at it and it just can't get loud enough. I really like having multiple channels, so single channel and most dual channels are out, unless they are exceptional.

I also need cab suggestions... I don't want a big cab to haul around just yet, and I'm looking in the $200-$300 price range for the cab. What would you suggest?
I'd go for the Carvin. Mainly because if someone says "modern metal" tone I usually think of bands like Meshuggah and stuff. If that Carvin can deal you 80's tone, like for example thrash, it's good enough for classic rock too, you just need to get rid of some gain. At least that's enough to my ear..
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V3M. More versatile for sure...a little extra power on tap if you want/need the headroom is nice to have as well.
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