I have an old bass that has a natural wood finish, it might have been sanded down a while back. It looks too plain for my taste. I want to give it a nice gloss while keeping the "natural wood" look. It would be nice to make it a bit darker. Im not going to go as far as staining it. Any suggestions for coating? What do I need, technique, ect. thanks
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"Baby Grand piano" gloss or new car polish gloss?
*many* coat of lacquer or a couple coats of Home Depot polyurethane, respectively.
Lacquer's a pile of work; but I like the masochism aspect of it An artform in and of itself !

"Deft" brand for lacquer. They make a gloss. Figure yer gonna need a few weeks off ta do it right, along with a box (100ct/.) or two of extremely fine wet/n/dry abrasive paper, some rubber sanding blocks and lotsa elbow grease/ Most DIY furniture finishing sites can get specific with directions
"Minwax" poly is the schnitz.. AND can be (lightly!) tinted with Minwax oil-based stains. Remember.. more coats = darker and muddier!. Stay away from the Polyshades ! Waaaay too hard to keep even and light! By a case of spray cans and have at it! Wipe with 3_M pads and a tack cloth between coats and polish it up ala` auto work when yer satisfied with the apparent "thickness". Go too far and it will look like a plastic, wood-grained guitar LOL