I recorded a cover with my new mic today. Let me know what you think of mixing, singing/playing, and anything else you wanna comment on Btw, I did this quick and didn't use a metronome so sorry if that peeves you haha!

LINK: http://soundcloud.com/carlosmalache/heretics

Crit for crit!

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First off, thanks alot for taking a look at my cover. This was an absolutely great cover. I'm not too familiar with Andrew Bird but Heretics is one of the few I've heard and is a great track. You've nailed some of the very suttle nuances in the Vox of the original version and still made it your own. The guitar work was very clean and spot on. For not playing with a click track the playing was pretty much dead on rhythm wise, alot of kudo's for that. I followed you on Soundcloud (I've got a few original songs in midi on there) and hope to hear some more covers from you in the near future.
Thank you very much for your critic on The End Has No End

I had never heared the song you covered before, but I really enjoyed it. You have a great singing voice for that type of song. Is it 2 guitar tracks played at the same time ?

Anyway it was really great I think I want to learn it too it's so good!

I honestly didn't find anything bad to point out. Bravo!!