Hey i'm a beginner who just started getting serious into playing guitar i just bought my second guitar. i'm looking to buy a second amp to fit my style of playing. i listen to jimi hendrix and lenny kravitz and i listen to a lot of rap and hip hop but i want to play the guitar parts in the rap songs. So my real question is i was looking into buying a vox valvetronix or peavey, line 6 or marshall. i just need a little help in deciding what amp to choose casue i want to play songs like D.O.A or Run this Town by jay z but i want to play songs by jimi and lenny and maybe john mayer any ideas and experience with these amps would much appreciated
lol my bad

Budget- $400
Genres- Hard Rock, Psychedelic and Rap and Hip Hop
I don't mind used or new
its for Home and gig
I'm by New York city Manhattan
and i have a Fender MiM Strat with an squier 10watt amp