i figure why not share this with everyone, since it isn't cool enough to launch a career on it's own like EVH haha

anywayyyyys hold the pick with your middle finger like EVH and when you tap with your forefinger, pick it as well!!! isn't that cool? now you can pick while you're tapping! this let's you get the pick sound even when you're tapping, or tap while you're picking, however you want to think of it. and also let's you play the same note consecutively when you're tapping. here's an example:


just like any other technique you can take this to insane levels of complexity so i;ll leave that part up to you.

it's also possible to hold the pick with just your thumb if you curl it around the pick if this feels easier for you, and it lets you play two guitars at once and still have the picking sound.

here's another technique that let's you do almost anything on the guitar. idk what to call it but it's basically all hammer on tapping. think of it like a piano. even if the note is lower on the neck, don't do a pull off, do a hammer on right when you're lifting up your other finger. the reason why this is good is because it gives you a super consistent, unique tone, and it lets you play things that wouldn't be possible with legato or picking. it basically makes string changing a nonissue.

just hammer everything lol


it's also possible to play the same not consecutively if you play it on different strings, or if you just use three fingers on the same fret. there will be times where you fingers get tied up, but it isn't difficult to put a not on another string to fix things.

now here's the last one. say you love the sound of plain old shredding, nothing fancy, just pick pick pick pick pick on multiple strings. but there are times when alternative picking and eco picking both leave you stuck on the inside of strings. in this case, all you need to do is what i call outside eco picking. so what you do is instead of going directly toward a string, you go around it, in cases where it keeps you from getting stuck inside two strings. it just depends on the riff. but it lets you play odd note multiple string skipping riffs like this

d u d u d u u d u d u d u u

see how the first time you move strings you outside pick, and then you sweep? this keeps you from getting stuck. you can't really do it when you're improvising because it takes too much thinking ahead, but for anything composed it's great. even a simple sweep sound better. play this like this

    u  d d u d u u u d d u d u u d u
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