Why does anyone use them? I know that they're the more historically correct bridge, but there's a reason why people stopped using them; they suck!

I have a 3 saddle bridge on my tele because that's what it came standard with, and haven't had time to change it to a 6 saddle set up yet. I get string buzz and too much movement because of my bridge, and find that my strings are constantly slipping into the wrong positions on the bridge.

So why does anyone put up with them?
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Um, I had a Tele bridge and it didn't cause buzz or slipping. People use them because they offer better sustain supposedly. The only reason not to use Tele vintage saddles is intonation issues, in which case you can replace them with compensated saddles for less than £10.
The traditional 3 saddle bridges sound different, and you can buy saddles that let you get correct intonation, Wilkinson make them.

String buzz isn't because of the 3 saddle bridge, thats a setup problem.
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The traditional 3 saddle bridges sound different.


tele purists wouldn't dream of swapping them out for traditional saddles.

part of being a tele player is having half the notes sharp or flat anyway.

examples, keith richards or bruce springstein.

i kid... but not really.
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I have 2 Teles... A Squier Standard with a 3/6 barrel chrome saddles and a Fender with 3/6 brass saddles. Both are intonated well and don't buzz. I have considered buying 3/6 brass compensated saddles for both.
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