Need some help picking one of this amps.

I can get a good deal on this two amps:

Marshall JMD102 850$
fender 65 deluxe reverb this was a demo and I can get it for 800$

or a brand new fender deluxe vintage modified 825$

The fender 65 is only 22 watts and the marshall is 100 watts. I believe not alway more watta = better quality but I am not sure.
This amp will have to last me for a long time before I will be able to buy anything else.

I mostly like blues, rock and metal. I will need a versatile amp.

My instinct tell me the marshall jdm102 but I am not sure.

From what I understand the fender is a tube amp and the marshall is solid state/valve ?
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vypyr tube?

do you gig?

and what's your budget?
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-You can't compare a solid state (transistor) wattage with a tube (valves) wattage.

-Fender and Marchall amps are not really versatile.

For example a Peavey Bandit 112 or a Peavey Valveking would be versatile, and cheaper than the amps you mention.
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