I've been a proud owner of a Marshall Mode Four for nearly 8 years now. I've only been playing guitar for about 10, so I've obviously"grown up" with this amp.

Now, recently I've been admiring valve heads, mostly owned by guys in other bands, which has led me to flirt with getting rid of my MF350 and getting something like a JCM8/900 or an Engl Fireball. Thing is, I'm not really unhappy with my MF350...

Anyway, the question is, is the Mode Four really all that bad? Is it really worth forking out another £500-£800 (because I'm not going to get much more than £200 for my MF350)? I know the tone snobs will say yes purely because it's solid-state, but I'm really just trying to gauge opinion (so answers like "if you like it then keep it" aren't helpful )

see man
i dont know anything about your amp
i have never heard it
yes tube make ss suck donkeys but those are cheap ass ss,higher 2000$-3000$ ss kick ass sooo depends
i am a tone snob not a tube snob if i can get great tone out of a ss or a modeler(think axe fx II)
**** ya
The tone that comes out of that unit is enough to make wimmens take their panties off soo

and jcm's and fire/powerball are two different sounding amps one is british while the other is american sounding

answer these 3 q's
-what kind of music do you play
-what's your budget
-willing to go used?? yay or nay
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Well this is the thing, I'm not fully looking to upgrade, just really wondering if people thought it was worth upgrading. But just for funsies, my budget would be about £700 max, I play most forms of Metal, I like an 80's Thrash sound but I also like the bigger bite of more modern stuff (hence the love for both JCM and Engl), and I'm always up for used, availability/price permitting.
Well if you like the sound of your amp then no (simple answer, I know you said don't say it but.... :P ) And after 10 years of playing I'd hope you can trust your ears.

But the general consensus on here at least is the MF350 isn't great (though the cabs are apparently excellent). I haven't played it so can't comment. If there are other amps you've liked the sound of, go out and try them, see if you think they're better/good enough to justify the expense.

Also bear in mind that while the resale value of your mode 4 might not be excellent, second hand JCMs aren't all that dear.

Again I'm no expert on thrash tone but most people would probably recommend something along the lines of a JCM800, usually the single cahnnels are most sought after. Laney also make some great "hot rodded" marshall types at cheap prices (GH100L/VH50R/AOR I think) In the end it's preference, there no harm in trying different amps. If you find something that you like, good. If not, also good.
Due to the resurgence in demand for JCM800's they're not cheap any more. The single channels are upwards of £600 on the bay. However the 900's are about half that. Sounds like trying another amp is probably the way to go