It's enough of 6 string guitars. I want some more string.. 6 string just isn't enough. I don't have much money for both so i need to decide which to buy. 7 or 8 string? I need your opinion. Tnx.
Errrr... i suppose you should go for an 8 string. Any particular reason why you want more strings? What kind of music do you play? Are you from US, UK or anywhere else? I'm asking why because the options you have depend on the area you live in. What is your budget?
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I wanna to play some deaper notes .. i play jazz/blues/metal.. about guitar,I will go for custom made,my friend is buider so.
Never played an 8 ?
7 is already hardcore when youre and oldschool 6 player, 8 would be overkill.
You can tune any guitar to any tuning with the correct strings btw.
I'd go for a 7 string. 8 strings are barely ever used in any musical way, as far as I'm aware.
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well if you think you're going to use it a lot, I'd say 8, only reason because it's an 8, AND a 7.
so you can rock some djent tones, like meshuggah if you felt like it, but then if you felt like some cannibal corpse or something in Bb or something in B, BAM, right there, same for something in standard/half step down.

IMO of course.

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I'd go for a 7 string. 8 strings are barely ever used in any musical way, as far as I'm aware.

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I'd like to amend my previous post, if at all possible. I've re-researched the 8 string, and found quite a bit more use than last time.

8 strings are more versatile, but you need to know how to use the versatility. It's also more of a jump from the traditional 6 string. If at all possible, I'd wait a bit before going there, and start by learning on a 7 string to get used to the idea.

If you still need yet another string (You can go a long way by droptuning a 7) get an 8 and sell the 7.
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I'd go for eight, because I don't think I could ever go to seven and lose that low end. It's excellent for tapping and B simply isn't low enough.
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Buy a 7 man, when I switched I had absolutely no problems. With an 8 I find I need to gather my bearings when I start to really jam, unless you're really going to use the range its a wank, just get a baritone 7 and tune down to F if you really need to. In my opinion jumping straight to 8s would make navigating your way round the strings a hassle, and if you havent owned and ERG guitar before just go for a 7 to sus out if ERG is your thing.
Hope that helps/
If you're debating between the two, try to play some. I don't where you are located. I know that I could have adapted well to an 8 with skipping 7 myself, but when I bought my 7, I rationalized that I could tune down to 8 string lows, but it's just not the same.... especially since I now own a proper 8 string. Go, try some out and then decide for yourself if you could live without that 8th string or not.
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I owned Dean RC7 (white,asian copy) for 2 months (i bought it new for 700$).. i didn't like specifications (emg 707),and i played Schecter C7 Hellraiser few times. Both of them are great guitars.

I like more necks on 7 strings.. 6 string neck on guitar I owned was round and small,and i have big arm with huge fingers so i like 7 string.

I never played 8 string,but im planning to play one (Schecter C8 Hellraiser of course).
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I'd say the 8, only because you can get the best of both worlds. I've used a 7 and it isn't hard so I can't imagine an 8 being much more difficult. I know Ihsahn recorded his latest, After, using an RG8 exclusively.

See this

Please note said video isn't exciting, its Ihsahn recording,and nothing else.
If you have to ask get the 7 hell even get a baritone it doesnt even sound like you know what you want it for..
If you have to ask, get a 7.

Seriously, if your unsure, an 8 would just be over kill.

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