Hey all,

I'm just getting into the realms of recording with a microphone as opposed to DI and need a decent preamp/audio interface to boost the signal from my microphone; my current setup is SM57 > POD HD500 (yeah... I know ) > Logic Pro 9.

I want to use the POD for effects on my amp rather than as a preamp for the microphone - can anyone suggest a decent USB preamp or audio interface for $100 at most?

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Hey man, I use an ART Tubemp for a preamp. I don't know if there's a USB version (I try to avoid USB connections wherever i can, Latency drives me insane...) but this guy will add a bit if you go mic>ART>Interface. I too use Logic, great DAW. Anyways, hope that helps.

Lots of times it depends on what you're recording... Loud guitars vs vocals, vs drums... Different microphones can help too.
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I use an ART Tubemp for a preamp.

Lol, those things are a waste of money.

Either the M-Audio or look into the Line 6 UX2. Its a little more money but it'll free up the Pod as it includes the Pod Farm software which gives the same effect.
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Thanks for the replies guys! I've been thinking about the UX2 but it's a tiny bit out of my budget at the moment. I'll look at the M-Audio, and if I can get the cash I'll get a UX2.
Jackson, Peavey, Line 6 <3