these are some of the first lyrics I've ever written. I don't do it very seriously, it's more of a therapy for getting out all the crap in life. and it works very well

I'm 15 btw, and I'm not expecting this to be brilliant, but I was curious to see what some more experienced lyricalists thought of my beginners's attempts at it

so, with no further ado;

Stories for the grandkids

There’s nothing wrong with shouting out,
With being someone different,
There’s nothing wrong with screaming so loud
You’re heard from miles away
Who cares about tomorrow,
When there’s so much here today because

I wanna grow up and regret every decision that I’ve made
I wanna fall in love with a bitch and get totally played
I wanna get arrested for being part of a greenpeace protest
And I wanna know what it feels like to jump through the ice and freeze your chest
I don’t care if it all goes bad, cos this is what I say
I’ll have some ****ing stories to tell my grandkids some day!

If we thought over every decision, we’d never get anything done
If we fought with the people we loved then pretty soon we’d be all alone.
But there’s nothing wrong with hitting someone you hate square in the face
There’s nothing wrong with hating a man who’d hurt a man of another race
It’s free for all, it’s anarchy,
And I must say that I believe that

I wanna be the person who gets their house raided by MI5
And I wanna get kidnapped in a warzone and then barely make it out alive
I wanna swim the channel wearing nothing on me at all
and I wanna jump into everything and not be scared if I take a fall
And if it all goes wrong who cares? This is what I say,
I’ll have some ****ing stories to tell my grandkids some day!

And when I’m old and looking back
I don’t want to think I ever missed out
On doing what I would have loved to have done
On standing up for what I want and not backing out
I might be lucky if I make it to middle-age alive
But if by some miracle, I can survive then,

I wanna look back and remember losing to a casino
And I wanna remember getting it back, by conning someone I didn’t know
I wanna remember how I nearly got married to a guy
And I wanna remember how I became a part of the mile-high
and if I somehow make it through all that, then I’ll be so damn gay*!
Cos I’ll have some ****ing stories to tell my grandkids some day!

in my head it is in the same style as Bowling For Soup or a similar type of band

I'd be interested to know what you think of it, but I don't mind any criticism's either
If you're going for a Bowling For Soup style of writing lyrics, I'd say these are "decent". Not exactly my choice of writing style, but hey, it's what you enjoy and what you're comfortable with writing about. I write the songs for our band that I'm currently in. We are a Post-Hardcore band. (Look up A Day to Remember, Etienne Sin, and Escape the Fate) So, these lyrics aren't something I'd come up with. Lol. But, just keep the writing REAL and pour your whole body into every song. If you'd like to read any of the songs I've written, just let me know.
Honestly, I was kind of surprised by these, they were better than you let on, I though. I rather enjoyed them since this isn't the type of subject matter you see a lot. They're not excellent, but I think they're pretty decent. Obviously you writing would mature if you kept at it.

The flow in these is what stuck out to me the most as needing work, certain lines are a bit wordy and don't really fit in as well. If you wanted to take these anywhere, I'd work on trimming out some of the words in the longer lines so that the rhythm is more consistent.

Nice first shot, though. Keep it at.
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