Hey guys,

this piece is inspired by ye olde prog giants like Yes and King Crimson. Only notheworthy thing I have to say is that bar 82 was meant to have a drum break but I didn't input any drums because I suck at making them

As always crit for crit.


EDIT: See post #4 for version with drums!
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well that hurts. Though I thank you for your honesty.
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It wasn't shit. Don't listen to him. It was really rough however, it seems like you had a lot of ideas going on at once and just copy and pasted them together. They didn't seem to have any relevance to each other, and it was an extremely awkward listen for that.

You need to develop each of the ideas, and find transitions between each that can guide the song along. The ideas themselves needed to be expanded upon a bit, because with all of those slides, it comes across as harsh and less grand then you might have been shooting for. I recommend adding drums and adding another guitar part in order to give it a broader sound so we're not hearing just guitar or just bass.

I'd appreciate a crit of https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1440667 if you don't mind. Thank you
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thanks for the advice!!

I added some quick shitty drums and changed some of the weird time signatures to 8/8 to give the piece more flow and hopefully a little more structure

if anyone else want to give their take on my piece, especially which sections specifically don't fit or need a transition I would appreciate. I've been working on the song too long unfortunately to have a good view about that

will return the crit very soon Blake!!
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