has anyone owend or played any guitars from this company im looking too buy a les paul copy from them... but i never played one only heard them... so im asking for any advice..

That should do it^^
I've never played or heard of them, but I reckon they tend to copy popular guitar brands / types.
Pro-tip: ALWAYS play the guitar you're buying. Even if you already know the brand / type. Not every guitar is the same, and some may be made "just for you".
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They sound good for the price actually , my sister bought one a while ago. But don't expect it to be anything godly , it's still a 300 bucks guitar with Emg designed pickups.
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They're pretty shitty guitars, tbh.
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Dont like.

Stay away if you can afford better.

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they are okay for the money, but certainly nothing to write home about.

I'm not suggesting that you should avoid it at all costs, but definitely try looking elsewhere. they tend to sound acceptably good, but their playability can be compared to that of an egg slicer
I have one of their Badwater 1216 series; it was my first step-up-from-a-walmart-guitar purchase. I like it. YMMV.