I had a set of Not Even Slinkys on my guitar and tuned it between Drop C/B and it was fine.

I wanted to go to Drop D / Standard so I bought a pair of Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms.

Ive now got the strings on but when I try to tune it to Drop D the tremolo is very high up.

I have tried turning the screws in the back of the guitar to the point where they cant screw further/higher up and have even put in 4 springs to try and bring the bridge down but it doesnt seem to be working.

Does anyone know what I can do, im now sitting with it barely staying in Drop D as its going to tight, the gap on the fretboard between strings is alot higher, and the floyd rose tremolo is really high up with the action screwed as far as it can go.

All help is appreciated,


I dont use those string so im not sure but are they different gauges?

I use 11's for D and 12's for C

You should not have to have the screws all the way in for D, you dont even need them in that much with Standard tuning so there has to be some issue.
Not Even Slinkys are 12's and Skinny Tops are 10s..

I remember having a similar problem before but it fixed itself somehow.

Should I detune till the tremolo is straight, then stick something in the back to stop it moving, then tune?