current spec that i have:
computer core-duo e6300 with 2gb ram paired with 17 inch lg screen and creative a300 speaker "System"
my guitar:epiphone sg-400
my amp:fender frontman 25r
2 pl cables, 3m and 6m.
boss me-25 with power adapter.
akg k414p headphones.

*very important note:this is MY ROOM, so i'll sleep in it(small sized bad) and studding in the university(next years starting Electrical Engineering)

so i'm going to move in August to a new apartment(with my 2 brothers, and 2 parents).
We have decided that i'll will get the "fortified" room(I live in Israel, and all the last 20 years new building had to include a room which is made out of 20-25cm thick reinforced concrete walls with airtight door and window(for chemical and biochemical hazards))
the size of the room is about 9.5 Square meter.
i don't really(and physically cant) want to include singing room or separation between the computers and the "practice room".
it will most probably be used only by me, with a small chance of additional people.
the most important aspects that need to be are:
*good recording quality of my electric guitar.
*easy recording experience(quick access to the recording to save time)
*good sound isolation(I've checked the isolation of the airtight door and the db reading 4 m away from the door drops by 20 compared to open door)

so far that's my thoughts for spending(most thing are about30-50% more expansive in Israel):150-200$ external recording card
possibly second hand 400-600$ guitar.
possibly second hand 200-300$ amp.

before you get to the part in which you recommend my spendings what can you advice me about isolation, recording quality and recording studio tips?

what about the spending choice?
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Honestly in an apartment isolation is just something your probably not going to get however you can help a small factor with cheap foams. I have a buddy that has his own studio in an apartment and he covered his walls with coat lining (but he had easy access to the material at work). If you are going to be micing make sure to get your amp off the ground, people usually do this with a cinder block(s) or table/chair. as far as room orientation goes id place the computer and speakers playing towards an outside wall so ur music isnt carrying over to another room. This wont stop the noise but it will help.

As for best quality at a cheap price id go with either the M-audio fast track interfaces or a Tascam US series. The m-audios are smaller with less inputs and if you just plan on recording guitars i would go with that because they are not very big and will save space. If u want more then you can always bump up to say a Tascam US 1641 or 200 which can run from 300 to 500 (in the US anyway).

Actually micing in a small room can be tricky so i would recomend you just direct in your guitar. Check out the Nick crowe 7170 plugin and the Catharsis Awesometime Cab emulators. These are both free and can give you a decent recording quality right off the back