I'm the vocalist/guitarist in a post-hardcore band that uses a lot of post-rock influence.
Because of the post-rock influence, we use alot of heavy delay, heavy reverb and at times chorus/tremolo.

Usually, depending on the size of the band we're supporting or the gig we're playing, I will borrow pedal boards (and using my own current chosen distortion pedals) which usually consist of quite high quality pedals like Boss and Electro Harmoinix etc. Now my band is starting to pull in alot more attention in our area and we're starting to play bigger venues and supporting bigger bands, I have realised I am desperate to get my own equipment (especially with how much our music relies on effects).

So, I'm in need of a delay and reverb at least, and I have a budget of at maximum 200 pound, but I'd rather spend around £80-£150.
I have looked into various things, from the Line 6 Floor Pod Plus down to Behringer delays and reverbs, and I just don't have a clue.
I know what sounds good, but I don't know enough things to compare.

Please give me some advice! You will get some cookies.
check out the EHX holy grail reverb, malekko chicklet reverb, TC electronics hall of fame reverb and flashback delay, the EHX memory boy delay and maybe the various boss delays.

that should at least get you started
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Check out hardwire. I have the delay and reverb, good quality, good versatility and relatively cheap
mxr carbon copy for delay and any of the ehx reverbs are great. im really not a fan of boss pedals all that much. i've only ever had issues with them. for me, ive found mxr to be the most reliable, best built, and best sounding pedals i've played
I've used a Boss DD-3 live for years and never had a single problem (discounting forgetting to change batteries prior to having a power supply). Find a used one on eBay or in the back pages of Guitarist or the like.
Reverb? EHX Holy Grail. Again, with their reliability and durability you should be able to pick up a used one on-line that will be gig-proof. I would have thought you'd come away with a few quid in change.

Don't go too cheap or otherwise you'll be making only little steps in terms of gear upgrades for years to come.
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are you looking for a single delay sound? or would you prefer to have multiple presets?

If its only one then I could think that a Boss RV-3 would be an awesome fit for what you want to do.
Delay or Verb and Delay and verb options are pretty much asking for post rock stuff
I'm a big Boss fan, I got most of their pedals in fact (either have them, or they're on order). I have the DD-7 for delay, RV-5 for reverb, and CE-5 for chorus. I have the PS-6 Harmonist on order as well. I love the versatility of the PS-6, especially the 3 voice harmony modes. As for the delay, I know they sell both the DD-3 and the DD-7 at the local Guitar Center, but I'm clueless as to why. From what I've seen when trying them out before I purchased, the DD-7 seemed the way to go. For reverb, I compared the reverb of the RV-5 to the reverb built into the Peavey JSX 212 Combo. I bought. The pedal way outperforms the amp's reverb. It has a lot more versatility in my opinion. Good luck with whichever you go for.
Used Line-6 Verbzilla and a Boss DD-3 would be a good combination for your budget. Loads of different options and they both sound great. The verbzilla is very popular with post-rock guys and I think it's the best stompbox out there at the moment for that purpose.
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Holy Grail is a great reverb pedal, as for delay check out the Memory Boy

('ve got a MB deluxe for sale of interested)
Take a look at Biyang Pedals. I use both their delay and reverb pedals from their Baby-Boom series. They are very very good. Solidly built metal enclosures, true bypass and versatile (especially the reverb.

The delay (AD-10) is analogue in sound, but actually uses digital components. You can still generate some self-oscillation with it though. Goes from uber quick slapback to quite loooong delay times, and the repeats will go on for ages if you so wish. It's only really suitable if your after that warm, degraded tape delay sound though. It won't do crystal clear infinte repeats like a Line6 or Boss DD does.

The reverb (RV-10) has 3 modes - hall, spring, room. Each mode has two settings - one more extreme than the other. So again, you can go from one extreme to the other. Tight and subtle room reverb, right through to totally wet huuuuuuge hall reverb that is almost pure ambience (like Howard Moon's face).

Top price too. You'd struggle to find better at the price these sell for - http://www.theonlineguitarstore.co.uk/categories/Biyang-Guitar-Effects/
Quote by WtrPlyr
Is this per pedal or total?

Around 200 pound total, hence the interest in multi-effects.