I'm in the market for a new acoustic between $300-$500. I have an Ibanez acoustic-electric but it's just not cutting it for me. I've had my eye on a couple of Washburns as well as some other brands too. Does anyone have an opinion on Washburn acoustics? I checked in the "Acoustic brand descriptions" in the "How to buy an acoustic guitar" thread but they did not include Washburn.

Also does anyone have any suggestions on other good guitars in that price range?

It needs to be:
-Full size (I have a smaller Ibanez A-E)
-Solid top (no laminates)
-Acoustic or acoustic-electric (I don't really care. I'd like to be able to plug it in if needed but it's not a deal breaker if I can't)
- I play rock, alt., blues, and some metal

I own and have played a few Washburns. They are definitely a good budget brand, but they do have some real gems. They have a few models that have a pretty rich and full sound. I don't see any reason to stay away from them, except maybe some of their low end models. Best advice? Go try one out at a local guitar shop and find one you like.

Good luck!

EDIT: Another note about Washburns: you can occasionally find really good deals. I got mine for more than half off (closeout deals). I imagine you can get closeout deals on many guitars, so keep an eye out for those.
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i don't care much for washburn tone in this price range.

i really like the seagull original s6 - one of the best sounding solid tops, good build quality, just a very nice guitar. and it's a dread, which i figure is what you meant by "full size".

and while i haven't played this model, recording king makes some good guitars. this one is all solid, and a dread, and the price is very very good. also elderly is a respected seller. http://elderly.com/new_instruments/names/recording-king-rd-10-dreadnought-classic-series--RD10.htm
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The Seagull was one of the other ones I was looking at.

As for "full size" I meant dreadnought, Jumbo, or Grand. My Ibanez is just really small (only like 3 1/2 inches deep)

Also, I could go a little more expensive than $500 if there was one I really liked when I played it.

ah, if can be a little more expensive, i definitely recommend that if you can find a blueridge br-140, that you take it for a spin. a deeper voice than a lot of dreads in its price range, but still good presence and clarity, nice gloss finish, a sweet axe. http://www.maurysmusic.com/inc/sdetail/blueridge_br_140/52957/35952
also a 000 version

and you might also want to check out a guild GAD-25. all solid mahogany, gorgeous finish. i really liked the ones i've played.
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hopefully I can get to the Guitar Center this weekend. The local guitar shop has a whole bunch of Ibanez and Alverez and not much else. haha
ah, if you're relying on guitar center, that will rule out guild, eastman, blueridge and recording king unless you run into one used, but they should have the seagull s6 in stock - gc's usually do. you might also want to check out a seagull entourage mini jumbo - they're purty nice, too.

also chances are good that the gc you go to might have some epiphone masterbilts. i haven't been as impressed with them as i have the list of guitars above that guitar center doesn't carry, but they are all solid and worth a look. i would wait till memorial day to buy if you're buying from gc as they always have coupons for holidays, and in store the coupons have a lot less brand exclusions. seagull always has taken part in those sales, btw.
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Don't forget to check out Takamines in this price range too.
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Okay, I played a Seagull S6 in the guitar store in Manhattan, KS today and liked it quite a bit and they have a deal where if you buy the guitar you get a case "valued at $119" with it for a total of about $450 making it really good deal. Only problem is I will be going back to KC on Friday which is two hours away. So if I get it I will not have a chance to try any other guitars out before hand. However, if I wait and then decide that I like the S6 the best then I lose out on that great deal. (It's not worth the four hour round trip because I lose most of my savings in gas money)

I need some advice. I'm not the most experienced guitar buyer.

just to be clear, was that an original s6 or an entourage s6? also did they mention what case that would be? the tric dread case at gc is $99, and while it's made by the same company that makes seagull, i personally hated it. you can probably use one of these
http://www.guitarcenter.com/Musician-s-Gear-Deluxe-Dreadnought-Case-540945-i1151384.gc and they're only $50.

if it's a decent case, and you really liked the seagull, maybe you can talk to your sales guy on the phone and see if he can hold the deal - don't tell him your comparison shopping, just ask if that deal will be available to you in a few days.

the original s6 is a really nice guitar. even though i now have some higher priced guitars, i'd still have my seagull if i hadn't hurt my shoulder so i can't play dreads. while i like the idea of trying lots of guitars - and think you should even if you do go with the seagull - i don't think you can go far wrong if you do buy it now. i tried every single $200 to $400 guitar in 6 guitar centers and 2 sam ash stores, and ended up with the original s6.
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It was the original one and I did ask the salesman if it was a limited time deal and he said that the offer was good until the guitar was sold.

I think I will wait b/c I just talked to the guy at this place called Funky Munky music and he said they have an S6 and he said they have about 20 Washburns there. I've never been to this place so I don't know what their other selection is like.