ok, I have been playing guitar for 4 years now and am tired of using emgs. I want to buy some new pickups and have been pondering between 2. I dont really have enough money now so i cant get any real expensive pickups. What do you guys think is better between the Bill Lawrence L-500s or the Seymour Duncan Livewire (Dave Mustaine or not)

btw, I play thrash metal and some heavy rock.
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Dimarzio X2N is also a similar option.
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Dimarzio X2N is also a similar option.

I'd personally go with this. The Bill Lawrence brand isn't owned by Bill Lawrence anymore, and I heard it's gone to crap. BUUUUT he's working for a new company now, Wilde Pickups, that makes all the old Bill Lawrence models like the XL500 for, like, $60 USD per pickup, and I'm pretty sure they're handmade if that's anything to you.
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