Now, I really don't expect many people to listen to this through since it's like...9 minutes long, but I thought I'd post it and see what people thought, since I just finished it a little while ago, (Started it close to a year ago)


Yes, poop.
First opinion, it really is unnecessarily long. For never deviating from those same chords, it doesn't seem to go anywhere and definitely cannot support its own weight. Also, you basically repeat the song three times before measure 177. Maybe cut one out completely, then rehash the second one so it's not quite as long or the exact same.

It has a very solid foundation, and is by no means bad, it sometimes feel like it's not really going anywhere though. Other detractions are the slides at 317. They sound kinda weird to be honest. 43's keyboard melody didn't sit well with me either. But apart from that everything sounded good. Just learn to cut some ideas out and you should be fine. About half doesn't need to be there.
Thanks for the crit man, I don't necessarily agree with it, but, I'll take it into consideration. Not trying to sound like a douche but, I don't feel as if it repeats, where I will record it with vocals, hopefully taking away from the monotony.

Yes, poop.
Well not to be a douche right back, but measures 5-20, 59-66, 145-152 are all the same, and are all before any significant change in mood or feel of the song.
Measures 39-50, 117-128,169-176 are all the same, and are all before any significant change in the song. There are other repeated measures inside there as well.

And since you're relying on the same chords, just different patterns, nothing ever feels different. I'm sure it will be different with vocals, but nothing in there justifies it's length, and I'm being honest. It gets tedious. 4-5 minute song tops.
Alright man, I get what you're saying. Maybe I'll move some stuff around, or maybe break this into 3 part I,II and III kind of thing. I might jumble some stuff around so it doesn't sound the same for 3 -4 minutes at a time. Thanks man.

Yes, poop.
And like I said, it's not bad. I enjoyed it, and for the most part we have really similar writing styles.

I don't want you getting the wrong idea that I hated it hahaha
It's cool dude, I listened to your prog/punk song, I was actually going to crit it, so I'll get to that in a bit. It sounded like we were hostile with each other for a bit, but no, simple misunderstanding.

Yes, poop.