This thing is intense. I've wanted one since seeing Tosin and Broderick using one (especially since I'm a fan of versitile equipment, but I'm starting to feel it becoming sort of the "Pro-Tools" of guitar amplification. I think this little box is gonna change the game up pretty radically.

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I've tried one and didn't care enough to even think about buying it. It just didn't measure up, in tone or feel. Maybe that's because of my weird preference for cheap, messy amps, but I'm not the only one who likes those.
Plus, when one of my friends who's in a serious, two-gig-a-week, money-making band (unlike my two-gig-a-year, money-consuming band) bought one because he used so many tones, he used it for a week, sold it and got a custom Titan. So apparently it can't replace everybody's amp.
I use them, others do as well, and others don't. It boils down to personal needs, the psychological thing of wanting a big old tube rig or not, and to people wanting to tackle the learning curve a complex unit has at first.

This is about personal use and preferences, and while I sold most amps (stuff like my Soldano and the like are like pets, tho), a lot of people won't feel like I did. Horses for courses, like everything gear related.
I like the feel and look and sound of a real amp. Looking behind you during a show and seeing your amp and stuff is cool. I wouldn't like to turn around and see a laptop you know?
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Axe-FX is still the same dying paradigm as amps. It's a big expensive rack unit that's too hard to use. The end of traditional amps is software like Amplitube running on tablet PCs. In ten years both that software and the tablets will be at least half as expensive and do many more things than they do now. Somewhere in that ten years the current tube amp fad will also end, douchebag guitarists will stop prattling on about how cool they are for using “real” amps, and the entire amp section at Guitar Center will be replaced by an end-cap of guitar-to-USB connectors, USB/Midi switchboards, and a few power amps.
This is in the wrong section, and there's a big thread on the Axe-Fx in the correct one (GG&A).