Do they make a lot of noise (pops) when changing the pup selection?

I have Evos in my Prestige, but only the 2 humbuckers, the middle single is the stock IBZ. It makes a lot of noise when changing to any selection, just wondering if it could be that I need to swap the middle pup out too for the evo one to stop this, all the connections are good.

I read somewhere that that middle evo only works properly combined with the evo split pups, could this be the other way round for me I wonder?
For mine, there's really minimal noise when changing pup selection and that's only when I'm not playing anything. The only noise is a pop which is minimal, has no feedback after and really only happens when changing to bridge/mid/neck and none of the intermediates. But whenever I'm playing anything and change pup selection, there's no noise at all. Hope that helps.
There's usually some noise on high gain on the middle pick up. 0 noise on all other pups! It's such a fantastic guitar!
Sounds like your switch needs some cleaning or replacing worse case scenario.
Its not a pup issue...