Hi All,

I just added a wah to my effects, and now trying to learn how to use it.

I'm probably not going to play too much funk, but I want to use the wah in my solos

Anyone have good tips of how to use the wah?

I find that when I heel it all the way, it's supposed to be bassy but it kinda cuts out all my tone and sounds like crap.. Is that normal?

Thanks for all your help!
It is something that comes with practice.

Try running some basic scales ascending and descending. Move the wah accordingly to find the "sweet" spot for each note. Does your wah allow you to adjust the range of tone??

Also -- listen to solos that feature wah and imitate -- Voodoo Chile (A Slight Return) is the classic.
Thanks guys =)

I have the most basic cry baby from dunlop.. I don't think it lets me adjust the range of tone?