Hey there guys, so, i've been playing for a year or so in a 2nd hand guitar, and since i got it, i realized that the tone pots dont work properly and they give me a lot of hum, so, i decided to turn the tone pots into volume pots, the thing is, i want to have a volume pot for every pickup, that way, i can lower the volume and use the pickup selector as a kill-switch.

Im studying electronics, and i think i could draw a schematic, but i dont feel comfortable enough with guitar electronics to draw the schematic from scratch, so i was wondering if anyone already did it or knows how to.

I think i'll just have to connect the hot wire of each pickup on pin 1 on the pot, and then the pin 2 to pickup selector, and the pin 3 to ground, is this correct?
Should be, yea.
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Try looking at the schematics for a Jazz bass, that should give you a start (2 volume, 1 tone)
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Well, this is what can do, it'll give you a master volume, and two separate volumes for the middle and neck. Remove the capacitor, and the just run all your ground wires for the middle and neck pickup to each corresponding pot, and that should give you your 3 volume pots.