Sixx AM

I've been a fan since october last year, loved The Heroin Diaries and I got my hands on This Is Gonna Hurt yesterday.
My favourite songs from it at the moment are Lies Of The Beautiful People, Live Forever and Deadlihood.

What say you?
I haven't heard the new one yet, but The Heroin Diaries was great.
I really liked Dead Man's Ballet
This Is Gonna Hurt is definantly my favourite album as of right now :P

I love the title track, Smile, Help Is On The Way and Skin.
I was actually quite surprised by the album. A co-worker of mine was playing it at work a week or so ago, and even though I wasn't paying total attention to it, what I heard was very solid. Some good guitar work, as well as enjoyable songs.
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Yeah, it's alot better than the heroin diaries, my favourite new album.. my favourite tracks are Live Forever and Skin.