Alright.. I've put up probably 4 different versions of this song since I started doing covers and there have been several different generations of recording amterials for it lol. This time I really think I nailed it overall. The clean vocals on any a7x song will always leave a lot to be desired, but I think I nailed the screams for the most part. My friend and I split the guitar part. Couldn't tell you who played what at this point though lol. I played the solo, but I basically just picked fast and moved my fingers aimlessly for the sweep parts haha. Here it is on youtube, but don't worry it's just the song.. not a video with crappy sound quality.
Great screams, the clean vocals are OK. The solo could def use some work but its funny how much your random notes during the sweeping part actually sound like the real thing for the one part of it anyway lol.
haha i think i've nearly mastered that this point lol. if i spent as much time actually learning to sweep instead of making crappy fake solos then i'd probably be pretty good at them by now lol