I just received a Norman 12 String Guitar as a graduation gift. After looking up the serial, I believe its made in 1976, based on this link.

It has definately seen better days, and has some strange body defects. The body is bowing up underneath the bridge, and sinking in above the bridge, which is causing crazy string height, making it nigh impossible to play past the 4th fret.

My question is this, what does it take to repair this? How much would you think, or is it something I can do at home?

Here are some pictures so you can see what I mean.

Is it just me, or is the neck bowed as well?
And holy snap, yes, that is some totally anti-bodacious action. That's like a phucking INCH at the twelfth fret!
looks to me like the string tension has warped the wood either because of it being close to a source of heat or it was just strung too tightly...

to be honest, i very much doubt it's repairable no matter what your level of proficiency.

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The neck is probably bowed. Yes the action is incredibly bad. Ack.. theres nothing that can be done?
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My guitar was the same but not as extreme. I took it to a luthier and he filed the white thing on the bridge (I'm not sure what it's called in English) for a little bit. Your case does not seem to look too nice, but I would advise you to go to a guitar shop or luthier and ask there.
I've seen this same thing happen on a cheap Alverez that one of my luthier friends. He says he knows how to fix it, but it is an incredibly difficult process, very time consuming and hard to accomplish that requires the removal of the bridge and a truss on the inside of the guitar, then heating the soundboard until it becomes malleable and flattening it out again. It is also not a guaranteed fix and may not work, and can be very expensive. He said that in most cases, it is usually cheaper to buy a new guitar than to repair one with this condition, and your appears to be in especially bad shape as it is warped on both sides of the bridge. Might be a lost cause... It also looks like your neck is being pulled by some extreme string tension. Very interesting neck on that guitar... Looks like a bolt on style neck was put on that Norman, doesn't really look like it belongs...
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At this point; what's ta lose?
Probably the bracing is loose or off entirely...or *should be*!
REmove the braces, iron it out, dampen and clamp straight for a week or so while you fashion new replicants of the bracing. Ya might even decide to add a couple under the bridge...like I said...what do ya have to lose??
WIll you lose some tone??
Mebbe..but what kinda tone are ya getting now ?? Mighthaps even better??
Be one helluva learning moment for ya

Best of luck,