Has anybody used or got either of these pedals, I'm wanting a tube pedal to push my tube amp.

I've tried the Blackstar HT-Dual pedal. It had good tones, but I really didn't like the fact that it's "hard" to use. Like you need to switch between clean and distortion, I think that if I go for a distortion pedal, my amp will have cleans good enough for my taste. So I'd just probably go for either HT-Drive or HT-Dist, depending on the amount of distortion needed. Of course there's the HT-DistX for those sounds of annihilation.
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Just been looking at the blackstar distx sounds pretty good, but everything on youtube sounds crap!!
you don't *need* a tube pedal to push a tube amp.

Just sayin'.

If the amp's tube there's already enough tube stuff in there, it's still gonna sound tubey with a (good) ss overdrive.

In fact, maybe better than a tube pedal.

Plus a lot of those tube pedals seem to only really use tubes so they can say there's a tube in them. The majority of the circuitry is still solid state (which again is why if you're amp's already tube there's probably little point).
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