Hello everyone.

I have a big request, I searched the whole net and couldn't find anything... and unfortunately I don't have that good ears to make it just from what I hear... so it's a band Two Steps From Hell and the song is called "Could've Been" from the album Illumina
here's an youtube link on the song hope nobody wont mind that:

I really wish I can learn this on acoustic guitar but don't know the tabs If anyone could make a tab.. or notes chords anything but tab would be best... I would be most grateful!!! I'm mainly interested in the foreground guitar not the baground but anything will be super.. I know there are some slides but dunno from where to where It's just really amazing and I would really like to play it... thanks for any response!
I just heard the song, and looked for guitar tablature myself.
I wonder is two steps from hell releases their music ...
Regardless, I'm gonna go home, and work on learning it//tabbing it out. It'll be a work in progress, plus I leave on vacation in about a week, and have rigorous schoolwork. But I'll get on it as soon as I can, and likely post a link here, If I find one.