Our rhythm guitarist just graduated and recently got a job on the other side of the world so we want to get someone else asap. We're taking the next month for writing for our LP, so you would definitely be a part of that process! Then we have a bunch of shows lined up for Late June throughout the summer all over CT/NYC/MA and are continuing to book more. We all get along well and are big on being a family

We're called In Perfect Contradiction. We have two tracks up, a recently released music video, and we're working on getting merch and all that good stuff. We're a mix of Alternative/Metal/Hardcore and are currently 7th on the reverbnation meal charts for CT.


We practice in Trinity College in Hartford. We have a house there set up there with a PA system and a stage, a bigass tv room with xbox, a recording studio soon, all that fun stuff . If you're interested or know someone who is definitely shoot me a message.


- Ages 16-27
- Have gig worthy gear or able to get it soon
- Committed and able to play shows when we have them
- Be able to make it out to practice in Hartford
- Open minded about music
- Love playing music and love to perform!