Posted this in the DSP thread, but it got overshadowed by the Axe Fx talk.

You probably get this question every year, but as a guy going to college, noise and portability is something of an issue. I'm playing a PRS SE Custom 24, and at home I've got a tube amp I built (it's actually the same exact build as this one ). What I'd like to do is get a DSP that will:

1.) Under 200 USD
2.) Be decent through headphones or through my amp.
3.) Decent recording when I finally feel I'm there

I figure two and three are givens, but it's really the first part that I need to worry about. I was thinking the POD 2.0 or the Digitech RP355 . The Boss ME-25 is also on the table. I'm leaning towards the last two as I'd rather have a pedal. If you guys can help me decide between the three I listed, or perhaps make your own suggestion, that'd be nice. I'd prefer not to go the used gear route by the way.
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well whichever pod you can afford i guess,

though if you could get a pod 300hd 2nd hand that would be better, but as you wont go 2nd hand...

check the link in my sig for the pod 300 though.

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