My only pedals are a Dimebag wah-wah and a chromatic tuner, and ive realised that it's about time to get a overdrive pedal. Ive been looking at the boss DS-2 overdrive, mostly because its cheap and i'm looking for a pedal that can give me that Frusciante like solo tone, and also be able work decent for some metal stuff, is the DS-2 a good choice?
Also should i use overdrive pedals together with the overdrive on my amp or use it on the clean channel?
And what is the main difference between fuzz pedals like the big muff and overdrive pedals, and distortion pedals? :P
i've been using a ds-2 for years and haven't had a single problem. it gets a wide variety of tones with a few exceptions, the tone knob switches pretty quickly from mellow to bright around 12 o'clock and there's a good amount of change between the crunchiest setting without turbo and the mellowest setting with turbo. but i'm still a big fan of this pedal, it does some great rythm tones and some screaming leads.
I'm going to try it out at my local music store tomorrow then ;D
But my other question, should it be used with the overdrive channel on my amp or the clean one?
And whats the difference between overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals?
because i run my ds-2 with heavy distortion i run it through a clean channel. if you're gonna be putting some boost over a rhythm tone you could probably run it through your distortion channel. and the difference between those pedals is mainly the amount of and type of distortion
use it as a standalone on the clean then, not to boost.

i dont wanna be that guy, but a new amp would help. to boost the gain channel you really need tubes.
Yeah gonna buy a new one when i get money. When we are on the subject, what would you reccomend? I can't afford some marshall stack, gotta be a not too expensive practice amp.
depends on genre really. im guessing high gain? if your gigging, a Jet City JCA50, if not wait till the JCA22h comes out.