Im looking to get a pair of P90's for an Epiphone Les Paul studio. Ive played P90's before and I liked the sound a lot. TO MY EARS, they sounded very similar to humbuckers. I play in an indie band (we sound like a cross of say anything, taking back sunday, look mexico, and CAFO....just kidding about the CAFO part)

My questions:
P90's are single coil, which means lots of hum right?
Also being single coils, I do not like that super twangy sound from single coils (i own a strat that i play very sparingly)
Can P90's fit in humbucker routed guitars (soapbars?)
Finally, your personal opinion on P90s. Have you ever played a guitar with P90s or upgraded your own to P90s? Also, what brand did you buy and why? Describe your take on the P90 sound.
Thanks UG!
1 - p90 are closer to single coils than to humbuckers
2 - hum was an issue before with single coils, not now
3 - i think you would need a dew pickguard, but i dont think routing your guitar willl be necessary
4 - seymour duncan antquity p-90 sound gorgeous
P90s are awesome. They are single coils but they'll sound much thicker than your strat. They will have some hum because of this but it's a great tone. They will not fit in humbucker routes but you can get P94's or Duncan Phat Cats which are P90s in a humbucker size. Guitar Fetish also makes some like that.
Ok cool. Thanks for the replies!
Im looking to instead mod my (dont laugh at once) Epiphone G310 with the P90's instead. Good/bad idea?
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Honestly neither the Epi LP Studio nor the G310 are particularly quality guitars. Either could be "laughed at" I suppose. But changing the pickups will make a major difference no matter which one of those choose. I'm going to guess the G310 is slightly better tone wood if that counts for anything.
The G310 is alder and the LP is mahogany. The LP sounds just as good as a Gibson. I spent hours in guitarcenter and played every reachable gibson and epiphone LP and the one i bought sounded just as good and better than a lot of the Gibson ones. Epi's are true hit or misses haha
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