I've just bought a BOSS Metalcore ML-2 and was wondering if you guys could help me out?

Firstly I bought the pedal because when I was in the store trying it out it seemed pretty good, so I didn't buy it for the 'Metalcore' tag

Anyway, when I used it in the store it had a massive crunch and it sounded very nice through a peavy head and cab which prompted me to buy it, but now when I play it through my amp it doesn't have the massive 'kick' that it had in-store when I used it. It's just a little higher and with a little more distortion, also there is a lot of hum and fuzz in the background.

I'm running it through a very decent Marshal 100w combo and I'm using a higher end ESP so I don't think my gear is an issue. I'm also using a foot-switch with a channel select on overdrive but I'm not sure if that could make a difference?

Does anyone have any advice?
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running a pedal that is that high gain through the overdrive channel is bad news. Thats what OD pedals and tube screamers are for. Run it through the clean channel and mess around with the EQ and you should get something better.
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Well, it's always best to try stuff out on the gear you have or something as similar to it as possible. Keep tweaking, you should get it to sound similar.. but I'm guessing you tried it on a tube head with a cab, which are going to pack more punch than a solid state combo.

But use it with your clean channel as someone else already said.
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what peavy head? a tube head? if os it probably is a fairly decent high gain head like a 5150? i mean your comparing a matchbox car (no offense...your MG) to a corvet (high gain peavy tube heads).

yep. will sound different. you should always test gear on what you have if possible, in this case test it on an MG in store.

to remedy your situation try to pinpoint exactly what it is. im guessing 2 things:

cab - wht was it? more than 1-2 speakers? a 4x12? tht will really help push out sound more. or it had better speakers that gave more bottom end

bottom end - did the amp you tried have a heavy thud? like a chugg to it? i mean like a straight up dense, mean sound that just sounded powerful? does yours sound thin and pansy like? the same gain but less ooommpfff?

if thats the case its because your amp has way les presence and bottom end. try messing with the EQ, pedal tone (if it has one), and try using max guitar volume for more grit. dont rule out guitar tone as well.

a good thing i use to thicken up tone on a crappy amp is an EQ pedal. it does wonders i cant even descrbe. things the EQ in the amp cant do as well. it almost makes my crappy practice amp with a 6 inch spekaer sound like a 2x12 or more. gives it so much ooommppffff and low end if you set it right.

on another note: i tried a metal zone on a 25 watt fender champ tube amp and i thought it sounded thin and fuzzy. i wasnt a fan. however perhaps on the setup you tried it sounded good
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