Is anyone else taking/has taken/will take organic chemistry?

I think it's pretty cool. Some of the experiments we do in lab make perfect sense on paper, but at the same time I always wonder how the hell did someone come up with this?

I'm taking it now and my ACS final exam is coming up and apparently it's pretty dang difficult. Anyone ever taken this before?
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I'd give the class a C.

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I took it my first semester and found it really difficult, it's not my thing but it was needed for my major :/. But I got a B+ anyway because we were the professor's swan song, awesome.
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I'm taking Organic Chem 2 and my final is in 3 days. I'm actually kind of sad that I wont be doing anymore mechanisms once the class is over. My favorite class I've taken at uni so far, then again, I'm a chemistry major, so that makes sense.
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I stopped after A level chem, you know, before things got too hardcore.

It was cool to learn how those reactions occurred. (in the simplistic way for A levels)
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I'm gonna be a Bio major as well, but I'm working towards a chem minor. I thought Organic Chem 2 has been easier and more interesting than Organic Chem 1. At my college we seemed to do a lot more actual chemistry in Organic Chem 2. I know a few other schools did a few more chapters than we did (using the same book) but our professor would also tell us how certain types of reactions actually relate to our world. He usually did this during the first so many minutes of some lectures and I felt like that really made the course a lot better.

What exactly is A level chem?
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My marks are shit and I never took Chemistry, but I was thinking of taking all the required stuff in college (called 'University Transfer' here), then go to uni for Organic Chem, or regular chem.. It's weird - Drugs got me into chemistry, I found it interesting how a tiny little bit of a certain chemical can alter things so drastically in your body.
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By far the most difficult and satisfying classes I have ever taken (Organic Chemistry I &II). Very fascinating, very applicable. Be prepared to work your memory because some of organic chemistry isn't very intuitive and just requires straight memorization of characteristics for certain mechanisms and reactions. Good luck! You'll really enjoy it if you want to learn it. If you face it begrudgingly, it'll be hell for a semester or two.
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