Hey guys, I was looking around and was surprised not to see one, so I made one. Here you tell your stories of embarrassing things happening to you on the stage. (We all know it's happened, don't lie to us)

Anyways, here's mine. Feel free to laugh.

So me and my band got up on stage in front of the whole school. (Talent Show >_> Anyways, I kicked into the opening riff of Today by The Smashing Pumpkins, and I noticed something horrible. My guitar was horribly out of tune. (I had tuned it like 3 minutes ago, I guess one of the kids had gotten a hold of it or something) Anyways, I had a look of genuine terror on my face and after like 2 lines of it I just kind of stopped and yelled "****" really loudly into the crowd. Anywho, I got my guitar in tune and then I rocked the show!
haha nice
last gig i had i had to play in the opening to some production

on the way to the stage i tripped on the cable and missed the chord i didnt fall but i was still playing as i tryed to regain my balance

i was tod i lookde funny haha
one time a few years ago my band was playing for whom the bell tolls by metallica, our bass player was singing and mid way through the song he got hit in the head with a beach ball. He then stopped playing bass and stared at the guy who threw it while the rest of the band played on. In an attempt to save the performance i started to sing the rest of the words. Unfortunately the vocals went from lemmy from motorhead to essentially the vocalist from third eye blind. Not the greatest live singing experience i could have had.
at my school assembly i was playing and singing and mic wasnt on...

and i was playing in my dads band one time and my guitar strap broke and my guitar fell in the middle of the song lol

than last saturday i was playing in a parade out side and i guess the heat got to my guitar so it went horrible out of tune so i had to go down the parade route playing an untuned guitar
I've only been on stage once. I guess the only embarrassing thing about that performance was that I had zero stage presence. I didn't even know I was supposed to be playing that night until a few hours beforehand so naturally I was terrified.
Talent show:
Faced stage right the whole time, lost the drummer and other guitarist in the intro, didn't think out the harmonies properly when writing, and guitar volume was only halfway up for the first half of the song.

Playing guitar in a percussion ensemble's cover of Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein":

Accidentally bumped into the bass player 2 measures before the end of my solo, thought he was trying to throw me off, and flipped a bit, making the improved solo fail miserably in the end. Also couldn't remember my part after ><
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

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Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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Playing in a pub with a covers band: Launched into "Great Balls of Fire" and some drunk old guy got up to "sing". His incoherent ramblings were ruining it for the crowd, so I lost patience and pushed him off stage with my guitar. Unfortunately, he fell flat on his face with a loud bang and didn't get up!
I thought I'd seriously injured him, but thankfully somebody eventually helped him up and 'ejected' him from the establishment. The moral - Always try the diplomatic solution first.
Once in a cafe, someone requested a Pink Floyd song. The trouble was that we didnt have a permanent vocalist and the guys with us didnt know the words to any song fully. My rhythm guitarist (like an idiot) started fooling around with the intro to 'Wish you were here' and the crowd went wild. :p Before I knew it, I had the mike infront of me and what followed was the worst rendition of that track. Things went from bad to worse very quickly from there.
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At soundcheck the sound guy said there's a lot of noise on my channel and asked if everything is allright with my setup. I checked the mic on the amp, amp power and everything. I kept saying it was a bad mixer channel or he had ground problems. He couldn't solve the problem so we played. My cleans were distorted..and noisy as hell. But it was ok later on the drive channels so I thought the guy figured it out!

Next morning I switched on the amp in front of my band to show them it was not my fault. And it starts hissing like hell. It took me 5 mins to realize the clean channel volume was at 10.
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It wasn't as embarrassing as it HURT. One night we had a gig and our photographer was gonna make a picture of all of us jumping on stage at the same time. So we did, but I was so drunk (more than anyone else) that I fell on stage and sprang my knee. It hurt like hell, I could barely stand. But I played the gig up to the end and here I am 3 years later still having this knee problem
My first show was a solo bass act in my High School Talent Show just this recent February. It was in front of more than 500 people in the house! I was proud of how well I did but there was an embarrassing moment. In two solos of my song I'm using a Distortion Pedal plugged into my amp. In my first solo, where I had to turn it on, I tapped the pedal and played but the amp went completely silent! I played again and nothing came out. It was like the power shut off but then I clicked the pedal like twice until my amp sprang back to life, but there was no distortion. So I just carried on and hoped it would come alive during my final, more epic, solo. Nope. The amp went silent again and nothing fed through. There were murmurs in the crowd and whatnot and I freaked until I stomped on the pedal again and performed without distortion. I finished my piece strongly and confidently but that was just embarrassing.