i would like to stay around the $200 range on the bias probe, $300 max, if i would be able to do one set of tubes at a time instead of a single tube.

i have two 5 watt wirewound resistors (i don't remember how many ohm, but i followed your recommendations), what is the best and safest way to construct a cap draining rig? as i would prefer not to get zapped.
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Bleeding procedure involves an alligator clip.

Clip one end to chassis the other end to a plate in the preamp. The voltage drains from the HV through the plate resistor to ground. Slow discharge so no sparks. Turn the standby switch on for this btw, in case you have caps before the switch.

Biasing no input.
I use 1R resistors, test points and a DMM. You could get all that for under $20. Simple method of biasing. Install 1R from cathode to ground on your output tubes. Measure voltage across resistors and bias accordingly.