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I've just started a duet with a mate (me on guitar and her singing) but we don't want to play the stereoptypical stuff (tears in heaven, wonderwall etc). We discovered Obadiah Parker's version of Hey Ya which sounds like more of an acoustic ballad than RnB and would love to play stuff of a similar vein, different versions of popular songs, and that sort of tone with our standard acoustic stuff, we also like bands similar to A Perfect Circle etc.

Any suggestions?


Yeah me and my friend started doing something similar lately. **** You by Cee Lo as actually really fun if you can be bothered to spend a little time righting some interesting arrangements. Another thing you might enjoy is picking up some "top ten" pop songs, looking up some chords for them then using those as a base for doing some different arrangemnts. fingerpicking interesting strumming patterns modifying the chords a bit to stop it from being 4 chord pop or even writing more lead like parts for it was something I enjoyed doing jsut as a song writing excercise
I always love when a person or band does an acoustic cover of a song not typically acoustic. And I love that cover of Hey Ya you talked about, it was incredible.

As for what to play, when I was in uni a guy and girl at our local pub did a cover of Airplanes (Hayley Williams and B.o.B), but instead of rapping, they re-arranged the lyrics in the song so that section could be sung and it sounded incredible.

I've also heard a great cover of Tik Tok on ukulele.

I like to pick songs that are different too, and give them a fresh spin. I think it's a fun take on giving a crowd what they want to hear without auto-tuning. Haha.

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