Hi guys. I have an interesting quandry that I thought you might be able to help with.

I have a fender jagmaster (its actually a bunch of stuff put together, but for all intent and purpose it's a jagmaster). anyway, it has a standard strat-style tremolo, with a cavity and all that. I have replaced the regulation steel saddles with graphtech saddles, but the tremolo arm is rusted down to practically nothing ( I use the tremolo arm a lot). I want to replace it with a standard jazzmaster or mustang tremolo, as I hear these are much more stable, and will achieve the type of vibrato I'm looking for. However, I've heard several things about the jazzmaster tremolos, including that strings pop out of them a lot, and other minor technical issues. I play pretty hard on the strings, and popping out would be a major inconvenience.

The point is, I've heard of people replacing the jazzmaster bridges with mustang bridges, which apparently hold the strings better. I have no idea as to the merit of these claims, or if I've even got it right at all, Or if this mod is even possible on my guitar given the huge amount of wood that the current tremolo cavity is taking up.

The final question is: should I buy a mustang style bridge, a jazzmaster style bridge, or just leave it with the tremolo it has (which I am going to have to spend money on anyway to fix if I keep, and am not that pleased with the sound of due to the graphtech saddles. This is my baby, and I am trying to bring it to great playing.

PS: Expect more questions from me about this guitar, this is kind of going to be a major project for me.
okay, I HATE to double post, but I've got ANOTHER question. Is it possible to use the mustang bridge and keep the jazzmaster/jaguar tremolo piece? I'm looking to get this soon, so an answer sooner rather than later would be great. THANKS.
Im not sure but you might wanna ask the postrock guys in guitar gear and accesories board.
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