Hi guys, i'm new guy on ebay, i use to have 100 % feedback untill some French guy decided to blackmail me for positive feedback i refused and reported him to ebay stuff. Anyhow i sell all my stuff super cheap, alredy sold 2 pedals JH-1 and acoustic simulator, those two are listed for now:

***Links removed by emad***

bid starts ultra low. I will sell cheaper coz i got pedals often as a gift like those two.

NOTE : EU buyers and UK got stuff fast like 10 - 15 days max. Over see guys like Canada, USA , Australia may take longer 3-5 weeks max.

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You can't post ebay links dude...

And absolutely No linking to ebay!

If it's on ebay,there's no need to advertise it here.
And no linking to any other third party websites.
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Quote by Laslow
...How did you manage to get blackmailed for feedback?

Dude asked me to leave him positive feedback first and said he's happy wit stuff i sent him (neo geo eletronics) and when i did that he said he want 10 $ for neutral 15 $ for positive feedback I said **** off and reported him. Later on he added negative feedback. Anyhow thats my lesson for future deals.

BTW. Why cant i post ebay links ?

Thanks guys. Best forum online!
okay if ebay is banned to post , you can use those links as description. And PM me for deals ! Sorry I didnt read all stuff ..