Hello everyone,

I would like to show you our first recorded demo. We made it by ourself because we didn't have enough money to go to the professional studio. Quality of songs isn't very good but we think that is quite good especially that we recorded it in our rehearsal room so let us know what you think about it.

Gear used:

Guitars : Esp ltd ex401-dx- emg60/emg81, esp edwards alexi laiho (signature) - emg hz-h4

Guitars amplifier: Marshall JCM 900 4500 Hi Gain Dual Reverb

Cabinet : Marshal 4x12 1960A - with G12T-75

Bass guitar: Ibanez GSR205

Bass amplifier - Hartke B200 + Boss GEB-7

Drums : Tama Swingstar(toms), bass drum: Tama Rockstar, snare drum: Tama Warlord

Cymbals: Zildjian ZBT: HiHat 14", Crashes 16" i 18", Ride 20";
Zildjian ZXT: China 18"

Microphone used for vocals and recording all stuff: Shure SM58
Cymbals were recorded by some really crap and cheap microphone that's why you can't hear it so loud as you wish

Mixer: Soundcraft Notepad 124FX

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The vocals reminded me of this hilarious ukelele death metal cover of "Friday" by Rebecca Black on Youtube. xD

But I did really like the second song, eargasm.
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