I'm looking at buying a cheap drum machine for guitar practice. For the last 12months or so i've been using a Boss RC-50 as a practice tool. Its looping capabilities are great, and the inbuilt drum patterns have been good to practice with. Regretfully i'm selling the rc-50, and now am in need of a metronome of sorts.
I've considered the korg TM-40 and similiar metronome/tuner units, but the sound of a pulsing or beeping metronome would irritate the hell out of me.

Basically looking for a cheap(ish) unit with more natural sounding beats or patterns. It would need aux output that would connect to my aux in on my vypyr 60. An option to program my own patterns would be nice, but it isnt nessessary as it's only for practice.

Anyone have any suggestions?
If you have a PC/Laptop get a DAW like Reaper that has midi support and program your own drum patterns. I have been doing this lately, it takes some practice at first but after a while you'll be writing killer beats really easily.
I also considered software, my current laptop is very slow though. I've toyed with a whole range of drum programs, softsynths and the like in the past.. alot of fun. I find them counter-productive for me to use though. i have a nasty habit of getting trapped tinkering around on the computer rather than playing my axe lol.
After something really simple, hands on, that plugs straight into my amps aux in and away i go. Just something for practice, without the annoying bleeps.
you can probably find some version of the zoom rhythmtrack pretty cheap... In fact, after a 30 second ebay search I came up with this.... $50. May be able to find something similar cheaper if you look around.


This is a newer version of the one I have. It's fairly simple, and comes with a ton of pre-loaded patterns in various time signatures. Nothing fancy, and all I've ever used mine for was the same thing you want... Just a steady beat I can practice to. I'm not a fan of metronome playing either.
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I really like my Boss DR-5. The clip Sneaky in my profile is the DR-5. If you really want cheap then you can get a bottom of the line Digitech RP and plug the output into the aux in of your Vypyr.