hey all, today i accidentally heard this song on the radio and it caught my attention because i couldnt figure out how the intro goes. the only thing i know is that its not 4/4.

i tried the search function, but came up with some stuff that i dont really understand, it would be cool if some one could explain some basic stuff about time signatures, and how to recognize them.

The intro to the song doesn't stick strictly to a beat, but when the rest of the band comes in at about 1.12 or so it's in 4/4.
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It's defenitely 4/4. There are just parts that are rushed. To determine time signature you have to count how many beats are in a measure. Then determine which note (Quarter, eighth, sixteenth etc...) can subdivide that measure correctly. So to count in 4/4 time you count 4 quarter note beats per measure. For 3/4 time you count 3 quarter note beats per measure. This is where it gets tricky. Take a band like TOOl. They play in 7/8 time frequently. There are two ways to count 7/8 time. You count 4 beats first of you can count 3 beats first and then 4. such as ..1 2 3 1 2 3 4. Or 1 2 3 4 1 2 3. Its a tricky thing to explain, hope this helped a little.
so its just 4/4? i have tried searching on the internet and some people were claiming its 6/8, some 2/4... i dont know, im still pretty confused, i mean at 0:48 it becomes clear its 4/4 and it feels different that the intro, at least to me.
any song can be written in any time signature. just because it doesnt sound like its in 4/4 doesnt mean its not written in 4/4.
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oh i made it, by counting 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 i can do it... damn piano throwing me off.

now what is that "element of rubato" mentioned in the first reply?

also is it not possible to have different time signatures in one song?
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Yeah sorry i should have explained myself a bit clearer, it basically equates to a looser feel towards the beat, speeding up and slowing down based on the players own discretion, along the same lines as free time.

And yes it is perfectly normal to have multiple time signatures within the same piece of music