Hi everybody, i'm going to be hosting a small private radio show this saturday evening and i was just wondering if any of you have ever done anything similar and if so do you have any advice or tips that could help me?

It's nothing huge, a few friends of mine started an internet radio station a week or two ago just for a bit of fun because the local radio where i live is awful, it's either tiddly i irish trad music or easy listening irish country music, the national radio isn't much better basically playing Rihanna and Black Eyed Peas 24/7. They started the station to hear the music they wanted and the reaction has been great, 200 facebook friends and 1000 views in about 2 days, which for a town this size is absolutely amazing.

They've been playing mostly house, trance and techno music but they've asked myself and a friend to host a rock show this saturday night. I have the playlist sorted, basically just middle of the road rock music because i don't want to alienate people by playing stuff that's too heavy or too obscure, at least not for the first few weeks.

So yeah, basically if any of you have any experience with this sort of thing i'd love to hear it, if this show goes well we'll be able to do more and i've always wanted to be on radio. Also if any of you feel like listening in it starts at 8:00 PM GMT this saturday, support would be much appreciated.

TL;DR: I'm hosting a radio show, any advice?
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Don't try and talk for the Radio, use your natural voice instead. It's good that you have a friend with you, so you can banter a little bit while you're lining up songs.
It's a night show, so people aren't going to want "Hey, hey hey, I'm a wacky DJ!".

There's not much to it, just talk a bit about the songs, mention the name of the station here and there, give out your contact details if people want to text in and stuff, and just have a bit of a laugh.
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dont listen to anything the pit tells you and as someone said dont try to use a radio voice just be natural. dont talk for too long between songs, tell people what was just played, dont be a dick
I've hosted a radio show weekly for 2 semesters, and I will be doing it for 2 more years.

I love it. It's so fun. Just remember that you're not talking to a microphone, you're talking to people. Try and get people to interact with you because it makes it easier. Don't swear. Be calm and collected. Talk normally, enunciate correctly and don't panic. It gets easier after a while though.