I've been on a bit of an unsuccessful hunt the past few months for a new amp, often got sidetracked with other more tempting offers (guitars), and so I've always more or less made do with what I had previously.

Then I saw this:

It did have a boo-boo though

It's a full on beast, I was worried that maybe it wouldn't have enough gain, wrong. The OD2 is FAR more than I'd use, and the cleans are pretty damn nice, and break up quite well.

OK, so it doesn't *quite* have the tones of a classic Marshall, but it is an incredible jack of all trades and I'm yet to find a channel or mode that I don't like. And that's 12 in total.

If I could say anything negative about it, it is that, some modes maybe don't have as much difference in them as I'd like, although having said this, I haven't tried "storing" any modes with the footswitch (It's coming separately )

For those interested, I play a mixture of bluesy, classic rock and modern (Alter Bridge) and it steps up to the plate every time, I think I'll get an OD pedal though just to tighten up the higher gain channels.)

But yeah, I'm yet to really crank it, but so far, I like what I'm hearing even at the slightly above acceptable levels I'm using at the moment

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Funny words.
Congrats! Looks awesome!
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that the 210 model?

Nice amp, I liked the one I played.


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Quote by Tom 1.0
that the 210 model?

Nice amp, I liked the one I played.


410, the 210 is the 2 Channel version.
Funny words.
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That Ibanez is sexy!
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That Ibanez is sexy!

I concur

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