Name: The Witness Prophecy
Genre: Metal
Website: youtube.com/twprophecy -or- search on FaceBook

Hey guys,

We are a central Ohio metal band, still in the works of writing a set list. We record and produce our own stuff with our own equipment and software. We just released our second song on youtube titled "Breaking Every Bone."

Quality Recordings in mp3 format, not your garage recordings!

New songs are coming out weekly, so if you like what we're doing please subscribe, like, and comment on us. Whether you do or don't like us, leave us a comment on your thoughts. The most important part of music is making sure your audience loves what your doing.

Updates: 05/24/2011 - We are releasing a new song this week. If you haven't heard us yet, stop by our youtube channel (www.youtube.com/twprophecy) and give us a listen! We are also in the works of thewitnessprophecy.com so stay tuned for details on that.

If your an avid metal listener, you should enjoy what we've put together. We are really trying to do something original, and not for the glory of money or fame. Writing music is our only passion, and it means the world to us that people listen.

Our Influences: Emmure, As Blood Runs Black, Atilla, Lamb of God, Mushroomhead, and a few more.

Vocals - Brent Robinson
Guitar - Corey Wileden
Guitar - TBA
Bass - TBA
Drums - TBA

Again, thanks in advance if you check us out, we really appreciate it. As always, keep it metal!
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